Build a CRM dashboard with low-code

A well-designed CRM dashboard allows users to perform specific actions with a single click. You can track, match and follow every lead in
an instant.

Liberty Create

Timely, accurate reporting

But this isn’t the case when you work manually. Instead, you’re combing through a spreadsheet line by line, matching up contacts with opportunities, and struggling to find out what happened with certain leads.

It’s near-impossible to get timely, accurate campaign reporting, and without understanding conversions, you’ve got no way to figure out if a campaign was successful.

A single united interface

Unite all your different customer-facing tools behind one intuitive, web-based interface.

Get absolute tracking of your CRM data: from event, to calls, to leads, to deals, to insight.

Give your sales guys access to the CRM data they need.

Connect to mobile so remote workers and people on the ground can log changes and always access the information they need.

The benefits

  • Sales and Marketing can easily log every event in one or two clicks, even on mobile. Any automation tool, converts it into an opportunity, which can then be tracked all the way to completion. This gives you an accurate picture of a campaign’s success.
  • Senior management get full visibility over sales, which means they can better manage their customer list and identify when they were last contacted and if they are due another check-in.
  • See all your CRM data in one place, accessible to all your teams and easily integrated with reporting tools for valuable, actionable insight in a single click.

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