Case management with low-code

Great case management is case management your customers don’t have to think about.

Liberty Create

Swifter resolution, less headache

Customers submit their case (whether it’s for a loan, a mortgage, a new WiFi package…), receive immediate acknowledgement and get a swift resolution in a matter of days. All the while, they’re kept up-to-date with regular notifications about where they are in the process.

Unfortunately, far too many businesses are operating with a broken case management system that delivers none of the above. Instead, customers are left in the dark, forced to make follow-up calls they didn’t want to make and suffer needless delays.

Tailored case management and process automation

Build the case management process best suited to your needs, then tweak and finesse it as often as you need to, according to customer feedback and changing demands.

The system will automatically flag errors in cases before they’re processed to support teams, saving your people having to find and correct them manually.

Users can manage and automate processes from their browser without resorting to IT for support.

The benefits

  • Get full visibility over your whole case management process: How many cases you’re currently handling, when they came in, who’s dealing with them, how long they should take, and where each one is in the queue.
  • Automate steps in the case management process to free up support staff to spend their time dealing with more complex customer queries that need their expertise.
  • Improve customer experience by processing cases faster and keeping customers in the loop with automated email/SMS updates.

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