Improve compliance standards with low-code

Improve compliance and reduce risk

Liberty Create

Identify, track and manage exceptions

Managing compliance to standards is key to effective risk management across all industries but even more critical when associated with high risk activities where it is crucial to protecting staff and customers, such as financial services, transportation, construction and logistics businesses. On occasions, these standards may need updating or must consider unique circumstances and therefore exceptions may be required. These need to be considered and carefully managed before work can be approved and initiated. They must be clearly identified, tracked and processed efficiently.

Regulatory changes to standards can often take time. The need for an exceptions process is critical to ensuring ongoing work can still take place. Keeping pace and responding with agility can be challenging, particularly when there are multiple parties involved: contractors, safety agencies and regulatory boards.

This is where a low-code solution like Liberty Create comes in. Build a digital-first process that manages the governance and approval process. Eliminate undue delays and paperwork. Create a robust system with full traceability and accountability.

Improve compliance and reduce risk

Create a standard variation process that matches your requirements. Iterate and update it as often as you need to, according to regulatory changes, or changing needs.

Build a seamless workflow that manages variation or exception requests, sends them to the policy or standards owner for review and tracks the correct approval is received.

Integrate data from your existing legacy systems so it all flows seamlessly. Join up your systems and improve productivity.

The benefits

  • Get full visibility of your standard or policy variation requests – how many, who from, when they came in, who’s dealing with them, what is their status
  • Reduce the risk of fines and other legal penalties – de-risk your business activity by ensuring you have adequate approval for variations, with full traceability
  • Keep all parties in the loop on the status and progress of requests – whether it’s your internal safety board or external agencies
  • Integrate with all your other systems – website, CRM, ERP and more, to reduce time-consuming manual work as possible for your teams, and ensure correct procedures are followed

Liberty Create is low-code software for business users and developers. Why not try it for yourself?

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