Efficient virtual inspections with low-code

Improving speed and efficiency with remote inspections

Liberty Create

Virtual inspections

The rise of remote working and social distancing can make site visits a challenging process. Traditional paper-based systems aren’t known for their flexibility and can mean it’s hard to adapt in a fast-paced changing environment, where safety is key.

Create a virtual inspection app built on our low-code platform, Liberty Create. Give your teams and inspectors a way to carry out inspection tasks remotely, using photographic evidence to ensure compliance with safety standards.

Full visibility of your entire inspection process

Build seamless, digital inspection processes with complete control and visibility. Faster case management means a better experience and less delays for the customer.

As this is a pre-built application, you can implement and configure it in days, to make big things happen fast.

The benefits

  • Improved risk management audit trail
  • Faster case management with improved communication and reporting
  • Less delays for customers. No more waiting for confirmation that a defect fix is satisfactory, helping to keep things on track
  • Greater productivity for Inspectors as travel time is reduced, cutting out visits that are simply to collect details or check the defect is rectified
  • Digital storage photo evidence of any defects and rectification
  • Site diary and site access management
  • Appointment scheduling with key holders
  • In-day appointment updating eliminates ‘no shows’

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