How to add rocket fuel to your resilience

Low-code development doesn’t require a deep understanding of programming. Instead, you can build apps, interfaces and workflows using visual drag-and-drop tools, rapid prototyping and reusing existing code.

Is your insurance claims process fit for Zoomers?

Are insurance companies fully engaging with Gen Z? Although these ‘digital natives’ adore their tech, it’s vital to offer human empathy and other qualities as part of their customer experience in the claims process

How to achieve customer experience excellence in housing

Key housing leaders came together for the first of our Change Network series of events, to discuss top advancements and strategies in the housing sector. Their goal: to shed light on critical aspects of customer engagement, service design and implementation.

Waiting Well in the NHS

Through strategic implementation of technology, forward-thinking leaders have the power to transform the enduring struggle of patients waiting for healthcare services on the NHS. We explore the pressing need for patients to “wait well”

Agile alone can’t deliver agility 

Is Agile failing to put the oomph into agility for your organisation? If so, there’s a reason why. But it’s possible to fire up your innovation once again.