Dissolve housing sector headaches with automation

Housing Associations are squeezed on budgets and under pressure to comply with stricter social housing regulations, providers need to tick all the boxes for efficiency, tenant experience and regulatory compliance. That means doing more with less. Enter intelligent automation.

Tenant satisfaction measures explained

Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) aim to improve the lives of social housing tenants — making sure they are listened to, able to live in safe homes in good repair and their complaints are well handled. They form part of a set of ways, laid out by Government to improve things for people living in social housing.

Why all public sector leaders need to be digital leaders… and now

The importance of strong digital leadership in local government is not a new concept but one that’s recently become imperative. ‘Underfunded’ and ‘understaffed’ have long been words synonymous with the public sector, with local authority ‘spending power’ falling and staff numbers have dropped consistently since 1999. It seems we’ve finally hit a crisis point.

Supporting our customers, putting sustainability into practice

When we look at putting sustainability into practice, it’s clear the worldwide focus on sustainability is shifting from words to action. Along with energy instability, organisations are being urged by investors to address their societal and sustainability impact.

Top secrets to competitive and effective customer care into 2023

Customer care is at an inflection point: demands are higher and resources are limited. According to a McKinsey survey, organisations’ existing capacities are being challenged by higher call volumes and more complex and challenging enquiries. Employers are also struggling to retain customer care agents, who are being poached by competitors or feeling dissatisfied in their work.

Why public organisations need to start gearing up for Cities 4.0

In 2000, less than 7% of the world had internet access. Fast forward to today and that figure rises to a whopping 63% — a fact that’s even more astounding as it includes emerging and developing economies — where 93% are on social media. Just think, most of us didn’t even know what that was in 2000.

When baby steps beat moon shots

Only around 30% of companies achieve digital transformation success. Their efforts can be big and costly, and may require the whole organisation to change shape. This wholesale digital transformation is the ‘moon shot,’ yet baby steps might well be the way to go for those struggling to progress, or even start their digital journey.