Blog – Page 5

Page 5: Insight and commentary from our team of customer experience experts.

Louisa Mackintosh

The benefits of a patient portal to patients, staff and Trusts are well recognised now. We know the advantages they bring in terms of improving patient experience, freeing up staff time by reducing admin-heavy tasks, and optimising a given Trust’s capacity. But what if you could easily connect your patient portal to your booking centre which means a seamless patient journey, every time?

Mark Gannon

The complexity, cost and closed nature of legacy systems creates what we have dubbed ‘legacy spaghetti’ and makes it difficult to replace outdated applications. Doing so is often risky, costly and disruptive to business operations, requiring extensive IT intervention. However, the increasing importance of access to this data, held hostage by these outdated systems, to support digital transformation has pushed leaders to look for easier and more cost-effective solutions.

Louisa Mackintosh

In June, we saw the launch of the Government’s plan for digital health and social care. It sets out an ambitious vision to transform how care is provided. Leveraging the power of technology as an enabler to drive innovation and efficiencies – means a more positive patient experience.