Richard Farrell

There are clear differences between no-code and low-code tools. Between PowerApps and Liberty Create and others. We take take a look at PowerApps and Liberty Create to see how they compare.

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Jonathan Rapley

You need to make it easy for patients to manage their appointments so they keep you in the loop. And you need an overview of patient interactions so you can get accurate data about attendance. Most clinics are focused on addressing the first challenge with SMS. They send patients a text asking them to confirm or reschedule their appointment.

Richard Farrell

Why omnichannel and offshoring can work. Integrate channels and data in one centralised, cloud-based system. That means every agent can work from an accurate, up-to-date view of the customer, regardless of where they’re based. At the same time, customers enjoy a consistent and seamless experience – whether they’re communicating with someone in Dubai or Dublin