Community event | Webinar – Show & Tell

EMI – The Environmental Management System (EMS) platform.

Thursday 29th September : 11:00am to 11:45am

Implement EMS with Emi, a collaborative platform to manage your documentation, processes and actions.

From getting global environmental performance insights to a net-zero transformation programme, Emi the EMS (Environmental Management System) Platform enables the change you have to make. It allows you to meet legal and voluntary environmental obligations and achieve objectives to improve environmental performance.

Emi offers reporting views specific to the needs of your stakeholders, and facilitates employee engagement via centrally managed, assignable actions as well as document workflows.

Join us in this Community Show & Tell to:

  • Meet DI Blue, our partner and the creators of Emi
  • Learn about EMS platforms and the benefits of using one in your organisation
  • Understand how Emi is different to other EMS platforms
  • Experience a live demo
  • Find out about the Future of Emi
  • Ask questions

To join us in this incredible live demo please sign up using the form on the right, and if you are interested in this app, you can find it in the AppShare as the Featured Accelerator.

We hope to see you there!

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