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Pioneering digital tenant services

Clyde Valley Group embraces low-code to transform social housing experience.

Repairs in 2022/23
Appointment bookings
Time for complex cases

The challenge

Delivering social housing since 1996, the Clyde Valley Group (CVG) is a thriving social business and registered charity in Scotland. Clyde Valley Housing Association has delivered social housing since 1996, managing around 4,800 properties. To achieve its goal of providing a social housing experience that rivals the best service providers, Clyde Valley needed an effective case management solution. 

We knew we wanted to be able to do stuff in house. We wouldn’t have had the flexibility to develop our own offerings quickly and cost effectively with an out of the box system.

Paul Byrne, Senior Business Improvement Officer,
Clyde Valley Group

Meeting tenant expectations

Tenant expectations are evolving all the time. Clyde Valley wanted to meet those needs by reducing customer effort and delivering an outstanding customer experience.

The solution

Centralised contact control

Addressing high volumes of inbound calls and emails, our omnichannel contact centre solution, Liberty Converse, provides a central point of contact for all customer requests. Customer feedback is recorded in real time, with effective reporting on calls, emails and case volumes. Acting as a single triage point for all inbound contact, agents enjoy more autonomy, consistent processes and a clear view of an individual’s contact history.

Effective case management

The case management system is built with our low-code platform, powered by Liberty Create. Each element is fully customisable, with clear workflows, instant appointment bookings, reporting and scheduling of repairs with contractors.


Integrated with its housing management system, Clyde Valley has end-to-end views
and historical records of every customer request — from first point of contact to repair job bookings. By automating workflows, errors are reduced, resources are efficiently managed and tenants benefit from a streamlined customer experience.

Top tips and lessons learned

  • Involve your repairs team as much as possible
  • Involve your customers
  • Involve your contractor
  • Design it for someone with no repairs background
  • Make sure everyone understands the main goal

Digital tenant services

Emergency repairs

Repairs are prioritised into Emergency, Urgent and Routine. Rather than booking an appointment as with routine repairs, agents raise Emergency and Urgent jobs with a contractor immediately and have to complete a reminder check to confirm the booking.


With most case types relating to repairs, CVG’s eventual plan is to enable customers to raise repairs themselves – with helpful images, descriptions and advice.

This will enable tenants to book appointment slots to suit their schedule and ultimately communicate directly through the portal with repairs staff in the case of rescheduling or special requests. Contractors can already log in to a contractor portal to view their repairs via an easy-to-use interface.

What’s next

To continue to raise the number of jobs logged through Liberty Create’s case management portal — and free up staff to focus on more complex tasks — Clyde Valley’s team is focused on more developments that include:

  • Logging technical inspections centrally
  • A secure payments interface to enable agents to take rent payments through Liberty Converse
  • A Pre-tenancy portal with Docu-Sign integration
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to drive more efficiencies
Low-code was the obvious answer for us. We wanted to be able to build our own case types and workflows and do that on a system that was easy to use and didn’t require coding expertise.


  • 16,553 repairs completed in 2022/23
  • 40% repairs raised on Liberty Create, and rising
  • Instant appointment booking
  • Faster logging of repairs with contractors
  • More time for repairs team to deal with complex cases
Clyde Valley Group
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