Podcast 29 July 2021

Driving Transformative CX with Aon

With Paul Brotzel, Hugo Wegbrans, and Yad Jaura

Transformative CX for a global business with Liberty

Recently, we spoke with one of our customers, Aon, about the role that Liberty Create has played in their transformation journey and in ensuring optimum customer experience.

In this podcast, our Product Marketing Manager, Yad Jaura, is joined by Aon’s Global CIO-Risk, Paul Brotzel, and Global Chief Broking Officer, Hugo Wegbrans. They talk about the challenges of transforming a global business, maintaining their high standards worldwide and how to get the best out of your teams by business and IT teams collaborating.

Listen to the podcast below to hear how they did it and what tips they have for other enterprises that are embarking on a similar journey.

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