What are your options when implementing software?

Comparing off the shelf software, hand-coding a solution and building with low-code

The race to go digital is more prevalent than ever. And the right use of technology can drive operational efficiency. As well as improve customer experience. But what are your options when implementing software?

Well, you could buy something off the shelf or you can hand-code what you need using traditional methods. There are pros and cons to both these options.

Watch the video below to find out more.

You can find out more about our low-code platform solution Liberty Create and how it enables you to quickly and easily produce applications that automates and transforms organisations.


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Low-code is the easiest way to develop business applications, fast.

It’s essentially process automation on steroids. You map the process you want to create – including steps, actions and end points – and the software takes care of the rest. And once you have your app, you can test, refine and improve it on an ongoing basis.

That means you can turn your vision into a reality, fast. You just plan out a process in a flowchart and the computer automates it for you.


In this short webinar, we explain Liberty Create low-code. We focus on how it’s different to other low-code solutions and the benefits it delivers to organisations across all industries. Plus, you’ll see it in action!

Low-code is the best way to dramatically improve customer experience (CX) while boosting efficiency and speed, improving flexibility and, most importantly right now, cutting cost. Here, we’ll explain why this is the case. We’ll also provide advice on selling software to stakeholders and fostering support within the business.