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LM Forums – New World Series 2.0

Recorded: 14 July 2021

The changing working environment

This three day Market Summit explored the changing working environment within the insurance sector, being driven by both internal market activities and external factors.

A series of guest presenters looked at how the pandemic has driven changing behaviours, values and how businesses have adapted a result.

On day 2 of the summit, 14th July, our Chief Innovation Officer, Richard Farrell joined London Market Forums to discuss the key customer experience trends. They looked at what this means what for strategic planning in the coming months, and beyond, as business start to consider what a return to the office may mean.

The session, Customer Experience in a Post-Pandemic World, explored some of the key CX trends and challenges affecting the insurance sector today. It also discussed how technologies such as RPA and low-code can provide the opportunity to build back better, improving processes and joining up previously unconnected systems to deliver better CX.

Watch the recording – Day 2, where we discussed:

  • The need to respond to change with agility
  • Why things are unlikely to return to exactly the same as before
  • How customer expectations have changed with the increase of digital options
  • The top four technologies that will support CX delivery; low-code, data mesh, composable platforms, traditional BI

The current complexity of the London Market is not sustainable as it’s expensive to run. Unless the 40% acquisition cost dramatically reduces, there simply isn’t enough for every participant to survive. The good news is that change is already happening with the blueprint, but a lot still needs to be done.

Insurance LaunchPad is an extensible platform designed for you to build out to meet current and future requirements.