Webinar with guest speaker from Forrester

Low-code platforms and customer experience innovation

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Experiences that delight and motivate customers remain an elusive goal for most companies. Why? Behind the digital illusion of their web or mobile apps lie a tangled mess of manual and disconnected business processes.

Low-code platforms offer a way forward by empowering developers and their business partners to produce more automation faster, connect the software customers use to corporate systems, and evolve to keep up with changes.

Our CIO Richard Farrell was joined by John Rymer from Forrester. John serves application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals. He leads Forrester’s AD&D research on low-code development platforms. John is an authority on the software strategies and has been a leading expert on enterprise application development practices, technologies, and platforms for more than 20 years.


Or watch clips from the webinar below

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