Microsoft Teams and Netcall Liberty

Maximise your Microsoft Teams investment

Combine Microsoft Teams and Netcall Liberty to boost your team’s productivity and improve your customer experience performance.

Focus on CX. Reduce the number of distracting screens front line agents need to use. Connect
your front and back office, and close the gaps in identifying process and service inefficiency.

Improving customer experience relies on focusing attention on the needs of the customer. Organisation wide collaboration connects the front and back office to making best use of that attention. Success demands invisible connections, smooth integrations and non-stop
information transfers.

Connecting Netcall Liberty with Microsoft Teams offers a powerful path to more effective collaboration and improved productivity. The good news is that the (native) integration with Netcall’s Liberty platform is designed to do just that. And, we have direct routing telephony capability that can save you costs too.

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Maximise your Microsoft Teams Investment

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