Panel discussion

Patient journey: Connected or broken?

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We know that big tech has learnt the harsh lessons of a broken customer journey. These lessons are now being applied to the NHS to deliver a connected patient experience, improving satisfaction and boosting staff productivity and morale.

We discussed the advantages of an ecosystem, and how it enables and empowers NHS transformational programmes with our panel:

Phil Evans, Director of Partnerships, EIDO

Sally Rennison, Chief Commercial Officer, Patient Knows Best

Andy Haywood, Managing Consultant, Channel 3 Consulting

Doug Hopkins, Director of Partnerships VitalHub

Tom Baldock, Managing Director, Synertec

We discussed:

  • What can we learn from big tech companies to improve patient experience?
  • Is having an ecosystem of greater value than the sum of its parts and why?
  • What benefits does your technology bring to the experience for patients, staff and Trusts?
  • What does all this mean for a CIO of an NHS Trust?

With thanks to our partners for participating:

Channel 3 Consulting
Patients Know Best
Vital hub
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