UK Authority: Working with the user community

Recorded: Friday 15th July 2022

Improving collaboration and teamwork

An important part of our approach to digital transformation in local government is to facilitate councils to learn from each other, to collaborate and share their knowledge and expertise. It saves time and money as councils can share digital services that have already been developed and tested. Our AppShare and our Community provide access to Netcall experts, other local government users and a diverse wider user base.

In this short video Clare Evans, Corporate Services Manager at Tewkesbury Borough Council explains the benefits of the Netcall community and how they use it for information sharing and inspiration to speed up solution development and delivery.

Watch the video below.

Low-code & contact centre solutions for local government

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Netcall is on a mission to give digital control back to Councils. We think you should be empowered to use a range of tools to deliver end-to-end process improvements. And it’s why we’re inviting you to stop, collaborate and listen…

Integrations for Local Government

You need access to all your customer data if you’re going to create better customer experiences. We can help you integrate a huge range of systems– from huge enterprise platforms to bespoke home-grown applications.