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Agile case management

Valleys to Coast transform the colleague and tenant experience with a single case management solution.

Less data duplication
Productive staff
Real-time case visibility


Valleys to Coast (V2C) is a not-for-profit organisation, providing and managing over 6,000 homes across South Wales. Eager to transform the tenant experience, service staff were held back by inter-operability issues with legacy systems; no visibility of cases across two housing management systems led to duplication and poor reporting.

V2C needed a single case management solution with the flexibility for in-house staff to create and adapt service apps to meet changing tenant needs.

Liberty Create has enabled us to put our agile principles into practice and deliver value, often and continuously. Builders are able to iterate process updates as they see how a service is being used. And the real-time reporting is making a significant difference to understanding service stresses and how we should allocate resource.

Neil Tamplin, Valleys to Coast

Empowering colleagues

Customer service staff found work stressful, following up and coordinating between internal teams — and managing the tenants’ experience. The constant chasing of colleagues for updates and using manual workarounds meant the team was overstretched and demotivated. With no visibility of case progress, time was wasted as several advisors might work on the same case at the same time. And the pandemic’s push to homeworking worsened the problem.


Single case management

Built in Liberty Create, a single view of case and tenant details ensures real-time visibility of every case.

The easy-to-use centralised contact system makes it easy for colleagues to find and update tenant details, and manage team reports of notices of death, with automated notifications to relevant teams.

End-to-end tenant journeys

Timely and appropriate responses are delivered quickly by advisors, by screen popping inbound requests along with all relevant details. Anyone in V2C can see who needs to act or who is following up, with rules-based alerts for teams and supervisors — to address delays and act when issues arise. Promoting first contact resolution, whilst improving the customer experience, tenants also get automated updates at every stage of the journey.


Redesigned workflows resulted in streamlined processes, reducing the need for manual intervention. With greater case continuity, teams across V2C have full visibility of case progress, and colleagues can update cases and close actions when their work is completed — ensuring improved productivity and optimum use of their time.

Choosing low-code

To quickly and easily produce applications and automate processes for a better tenant experience, the team looked at the option of a low-code development platform. Liberty Create offered a more cost-efficient solution with its low-code functionality — enabling iterative improvements and service expansion — delivering value to customers and colleagues in small, more frequent updates.

The beauty of low-code

Rather than waiting on vendors, Liberty Create supports team productivity and upskilling with simple-to-use low-code.

It is easier to pivot to specific priorities for the quick wins, whilst addressing larger issues. And because low-code empowers colleagues to develop systems, there is increased engagement and buy in.

Build, then iterate.

The design team works in an iterative manner, so began by test-driving a small set of cases.

They chose one back office team and worked with them to transform one process at a time, changing the culture of ownership. Processes are people-centred and workflows are designed to support the internal and external (tenant) users. This collaborative building approach has resulted in standardised handling across processes — increasing V2Cs capacity to deliver improved overall outcomes.

Working alongside the Netcall development team creating new solutions has been great. It’s enabled us to grow our capability to develop our own applications, whilst also developing standardised modules that can be shared openly with other Housing Associations and councils as a template. Given that we all wrestle with similar challenges, I’m excited to continue to work in the open and collaborate with others on shared problems and solutions.


  • Less data duplication
  • Redesigned workflows
  • Real-time case visibility
  • Productive staff
  • Upskilled staff
  • Single view case management
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