Liberty Create

Virtual Visits Accelerator

Providing remote inspection by video to improve efficiency
and customer service

Reducing the need to travel with virtual visits

When you employ staff that visit remote sites for inspection purposes, making best of their time is critical, whether they are loss adjustors, building inspectors, field-service or utility engineers.

Virtual Visits is a Liberty Create Accelerator which reduces the need for people to travel to on-site locations for inspections. It can eliminate multiple repeat site visits by allowing remote or ‘virtual’ visits to be scheduled so that the contact on-site can provide the requested information. This virtual visit is performed over a real-time video link, using the built-in video capabilities within Liberty Create.

You can also plan an on-site visit or an information request (where no visit is required).

Read the full Liberty Create Virtual Visits Feature Sheet.

Virtual visits
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Key features

  • Improve safety
  • Enhance customer service
  • Better risk management
  • Increase inspection security and productivity
  • Reduce travel
  • Enable real-time communication
  • Provide a full audit trail
  • Photo and video recordings
  • Full appointment scheduling
  • Record remote visits

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