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Minimise risk and improve efficiency

Liberty Create

Manage contractor works and minimise risk

Managing compliance to health and safety standards is a key concern for many engineering transportation and logistics businesses. Risk assessments are used to record hazards identified in the workplace, assess the likelihood and severity of the risks when carrying out engineering works and to plan adequate control measures to eliminate, or reduce those risks.

Using Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) for specific, high-risk activities, can help make your workplace safer, improve business operations and protect your business from the consequences of poor risk management. Keeping track of all the details, particularly when this involves many parties such as contractors, sub-contractors, clients or other third parties, can be a complex and time-consuming process.

Build a slick and seamless process for RAMS with low-code. Liberty Create makes it quick and easy to build and adapt.

Improve visibility and compliance

Build the process that uniquely fits your requirements, then iterate and evolve it as often as you need to, according to regulatory changes, or changing needs.

Create a seamless end-to-end works approval system that manages work requests, issuing of permits and ensures the correct approval of completed works. Being able to carry out checks and validate that the correct method is being applied, depending on the nature of the work, ensures compliance to Health and Safety Standards and this minimises the impact to workers and members of the public.

Integrate data from your existing legacy systems so it all flows seamlessly. You never have to worry about lost forms or missing approvals. Go from clunky and disjointed, to seamless and efficient.

The benefits

  • Get full visibility of your works request process – how many, when they came in, who’s dealing with them, where they are in the queue
  • Supports safe decision making – ensures all contractors/staff have the right qualifications for the work they are completing
  • Reduce the risk of fines and other legal penalties – By helping you improve workplace health and safety and ensuring compliance, a low-code process for RAMS reduces the risk of your business being fined for non-compliance
  • Manage multiple stakeholders – so everyone is kept up to speed on the status and progress of work requests
  • Integrate with all your other systems – Website, CRM, ERP and more, to reduce time-consuming manual work as possible for your teams, and ensure correct procedures are followed

Liberty Create is low-code software for business users and developers. Why not try it for yourself?

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