Patient Hub – Your Patient Engagement Portal

Enable patients to self-serve with their hospital appointments, with our NHS login approved patient portal. Increase capacity across the trust, optimise clinical utilisation and reduce your waiting lists.

digital patient appointments sent out
70% average
digital patient engagement

hospitals & 100% Scottish Boards use Netcall
best practice first-year reduction in postage and printing costs

Our NHS App integrated Patient Engagement Portal provides digital appointment notifications, waiting list validation and more. Patient Hub removes friction in the booking process and increase capacity across the trust, where clinicians see the right patient at the right time.

With Patient Hub you can:

  • Engage 100% of patients through their channel of choice, including their mobile number or email address
  • Gain 70% patient digital uptake in three months
  • Reduce DNA rates
  • Validate your waiting lists
  • Reallocate cancelled appointments
  • Assess theatre readiness and save clinical time

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Implementing a PEP at scale

Leeds Teaching Hospitals talk about the successful implementation and roll-out of Patient Hub, across seven hospitals.

It was a partnership that we worked with Netcall. They were on every call with us. They were at the Board with us. They’ve done everything on the NHS App with us. They really helped us deploy at scale so we’re up to about 92% of services now.

– Rob Child, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Watch how Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust has transformed patient experience with Patient Hub

Find out how they embarked on their outpatient transformation programme to optimise referrals and give patients greater control and convenience with their appointments.

Meet some of our Patient Hub customers

chesterfield royal hospital nhs foundation trust
sheffield children's nhs foundation trust
nhs dumfries and galloway
hampshire hospitals nhs foundation trust
University Hospital Southampton

See how it works

Patient Hub Video Chapters and Transcript Content – Patient Portal from Netcall Liberty

Chapter content of Patient Hub – Patient Portal from Netcall Liberty

00:00 What is Patient Hub
00:23 How does Patient Hub work?
00:40 Booking management made simple

Transcript of Patient Hub – Patient Portal from Netcall Liberty

00:00:00:03 – 00:00:28:15
Speaker 1
Every clinic faces the same dilemma. How do you improve the patient experience while working more efficiently? Patient Hub solves this problem. It empowers patients to take control of their appointments, and it gives you up to the minute data you need to make better decisions. Here’s how it works. You reach out to patients with an appointment reminder, they confirm cancel or rebook appointments with a couple of clicks.

00:00:29:04 – 00:00:58:14
Speaker 1
Your staff reallocate resources to meet new demands. And this all happens in the moment. This is booking management made simple. There are no letters, no apps, no fuss, just seamless. Instant two way communication. And this benefits everyone is more convenient for your patients. And it dramatically improves clinic utilisation. See how we’ve helped NHS trusts get more from their clinics.

00:00:58:20 – 00:01:01:08
Speaker 1
Talk to us.

Netcall YouTube

Read Hampshire Hospital’s story

Learn how Hampshire Hospitals is seeing a 65% digital uptake in 3 months.

We are already seeing the positive impact of this work for our patients, and the time staff previously spent on sending out appointment letters is being used to better support patients and make the most of every available appointment.

– Alex Whitfield, Chief Executive at Hampshire Hospitals

Get to know our patient engagement portal in-depth

Patient Hub is a unified end-to-end patient engagement solution that works to help your staff work more effectively,
and your hospital to utilise every appointment and meet its targets.

Patient Appointment Management

  • Engage with patients to book and reschedule all appointments through the self-service portal
  • Patients can see appointment details, request extra information and send messages using their Patient Hub account
  • Staff get a real-time view of attendance and resource allocation
Hear how Chesterfield self-service portal makes life easier for patients Watch the patient appointment management video

Patient Hub Letter Templates

  • Patients have convenient, 24/7 access to letters, documents, hospital location maps and much more
  • No more paper appointment letters, postal delays, or lost mail
  • Automate and reduce the number of letter templates across your Trust
Read how Sheffield Children's NHS cut letter templates from 400 to 4

Patient Hub Peri-operative Surveys

  • Enable patients to answer detailed medical questions at their own pace, in the comfort of their homes using a secure portal
  • Give medical or prescription details without fuss or stress
  • Free valuable clinical time to focus on what matters to each patient
  • Clinicians can review completed surveys and are able to effectively to manage any areas of concern
Learn more about Patient Hub Peri-operative Surveys

Patient Hub Waiting List Validation

  • Validate whether patients still need an appointment quickly and easily
  • Manage each department’s referral according to their capacity
  • Free admin staff from endless calls to follow up on waiting lists
  • Monitor results in real-time and be able to move priority patients along their pathway
More on Patient Hub Waiting List Validation

Patient Hub Clinic Utilisation

  • Improve engagement and patient satisfaction
  • With +70% of patients engaging in digital first access, its quick and easy to confirm, request a rebook or cancel any appointment.
  • Give staff critical insight with real-time data dashboards, while end-to-end integrated patient journeys make it easy booking agents to manage critical appointments
  • Achieve RTT targets while reducing DNAs to support full elective recovery
Read the blog: Clinic utilisation – Going beyond ‘did not attends’

Patient Hub Symptom Checker

  • Help patients avoid wasted journeys to hospital. Check symptoms before they leave home, only patients able to safely enter the hospital, travel
  • Save costs and reduce stress for patients
  • Reduce the stress for your door and reception staff that are working to keep their colleagues safe
  • Help protect all your staff with proactive screening
Learn more about Patient Hub Symptom Checker

Patient Hub I’ve Arrived Virtual Queueing

  • Offer patients personalised responsive way to ‘queue’ by waiting in their cars, or outside areas when they arrive at a hospital site
  • Monitor and control patient flow in real-time, protecting their waiting areas and clinic staff
  • Fairly support patients
Learn more about Patient Hub Virtual Queuing

Patient Hub Results

  • Reduce patient stress while waiting for results
  • The secure digital portal enables patients to see each step in the progress of their test results
  • Free busy staff from repeated patient demands and enable them to focus on important tasks
  • Provide staff with the ease, convenience and security of digital results management for their tests
Learn more about Patient Hub Results

First-class Integration

We support your requirements for system integration and interoperability with our robust technical integrations and expertise.

Over the past 25 years, we have committed to developing these deep integrations across our platform:

Open standards: data exchange via HL7, FHIR, APIs or CSV

Our UK-based R&D team collaborates with NHS IT peers to ensure our solutions, including Patient Hub, are built on Open Standards. They are designed to integrate with Patient Administration Systems (PAS), Trust Integration Engines (TIE), and other healthcare systems. Data can be exchanged using HL7, FHIR, APIs, or CSV. A key metric of any project is the effective flow of data to deliver for end-to-end comms and process transformation.

Netcall's proprietary data adaptor: On-Premise Adaptor (OPA)

Our specialist proprietary functionality accesses live data feeds. This NHS On-Premise Adaptor (OPA) delivers live data feeds, and a permanent test feed, between Trust systems and our cloud-deployed solutions. We put data security at the heart of our integration methods.

More about our OPA and Patient Hub

When used with Patient Hub, for example; the OPA listens for raw data payloads from the PAS. It processes (i.e. extracts and/or transforms data) and stores the payloads locally. These are delivered to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Patient Hub admin back-end database. Returned information is then written back to the PAS via the TIE.

Secure raw data transfer drives end-to-end NHS efficiency

Taking raw PAS or TIE data, we use it to power new and innovative functionality. This makes it easier for patients and releases staff productivity.

The keys to success include both the integration method and the infrastructure we use. These allow the integration to be robust, reliable and secure.

EPIC dev partners, and integrating with many PAS systems

Our teams believe it’s important to be development partners with NHS PAS system providers. And, we’re very proud of our recent milestone, a dev partnership with EPIC. Our PAS integrations include Cerner, Ecamis, EPIC, InterSystems, Trakcare, Meditec, MyMedical Record, Patient Centre Dedalus /DXC, System C and Topaz.

Integrations drive digital letters and print queues

The OPA makes easy work of pulling data from your systems to create digital letters using our integrated letter template mode. It generates the appointment letters and then stitches it together with the other assets.

Patient Hub is a complete frontline solution
See Patient Hub

·        Appointment Management
·        Letter Templates
·        Peri-operative Surveys
·        Waiting List Validation
·        Clinic Utilisation
·        Symptom Checker
·        Virtual Queueing

·        Results

Liberty automation for health

Engage patients in their healthcare

Improve operational insights

Optimise staff utilisation

Empower patients by providing digital appointment reminders, notifications and more. Patients receive all relevant appointment letters, documents and surveys digitally via the secure online portal.

Monitor appointment data in real-time so you can allocate clinical resources appropriately, giving you a greater level of certainty in your planning.


Tackle the C-19 backlog of elective care by increasing capacity, capability and optimise resource utilisation, so that clinicians routinely attend to the maximum number of Patients.


Being able to offer patients the option of quicker, more convenient digital communications and reduce our costs at the same time is great.

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