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Patient Hub: A digital appointment booking system

Every NHS hospital is between a rock and a hard place. You need to meet patient demand for better, digitised services but, at the same time, your budget is shrinking and efficiency is paramount. With Patient Hub, patients can book and reschedule all appointments, whether in person, on the phone or via video through a self-service portal. And they can request information and send messages. Meanwhile you get a real-time view of attendance and resource allocation.

The benefits

Reduce DNAs

Dramatically reduce all missed appointments by making it easier for patients to self-manage their attendance.

Cut costs

Make big savings by cutting print costs and going paperless.

Improve utilisation

Redeploy resources in real-time to improve utilisation and reduce waiting times.

Better service

Give your patients round-the-clock access to all appointment-related information, hospital directions and site maps.

How Patient Hub works

  • The patient receives an SMS or an email, asking them to view their appointment information.
  • Two-factor authentication provides secure log-in.
  • They accept, rebook or cancel their appointment.
  • Rebooking and cancelling all appointments is handled to meet the hospital requirements. For example; they can pick another available appointment on the calendar or web chat or call a booking agent if they prefer.
  • Patients can see relevant letters, documents or surveys.

Save 69%

of postage costs over 5 years by bringing 60% of your patients online.
Find out how much you could save, we just need three stats from you and our account manager will take you on a tailored tour of our ROI calculator.
Find out how much you could save

Key features

Intuitive user interface

Patients can get up and running fast.

Automated Call Backs

Patients can request a Call Back (using Netcall’s patented technology) to rebook or cancel an appointment.

Integrated patient questionnaires

Patients can complete pre-admission and discharge questionnaires online.

Two-Factor authentication

Protect patient data with a user-friendly security measure.

Automatic follow-up

Prompt patients to use the portal with follow-up letters.

See it in action

Secure messaging

Send secure messages to patients via the portal and ask for a reply if required.

GDPR compliant

Support for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance.

Multi-year annual pricing

No CAPEX required.

HL7 integration with Patient Administration System

Near real-time delivery of appointment information from the PAS.

Agnostic integration with telephony and video providers

Integration with Attend Anywhere™, Microsoft Teams™, Amazon Chime™ or any other provider for a truly seamless patient experience.

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The cost savings, estimated at £150-200k per year, are significant, but much more important is the powerful reporting, which shows us whether a patient has accepted their appointment or not.
Netcall’s Patient Hub is really easy to use and it’s a real transformation – the first step in our journey towards a patient-held health record.