Omnichannel messaging

Liberty Connect

Our conversational messaging solution weaves intelligent, on demand self-service into your customer experience ambitions. Connect your favourite business tools to almost any communications platform – WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM and more.


Netcall liberty connect chat

Start chatting

Our Web Assistant lets you chat with customers direct from your site. Agents can respond in the moment and even choose from a range of ready-to-send replies.
Netcall liberty connect conversation

See the whole conversation

All your customer interactions are weaved into one thread. So it doesn’t matter who picks up a new customer message, they’ll have the context they need to continue the conversation.

Netcall liberty connect access

Access the latest platforms, instantly

If a new messaging platform emerges, we’ll automatically roll out an update to include it in your communications stack. That way your agents can focus on the message, not the medium.
Netcall liberty connect bots

Bring in the bots

Connect lets you bring bots into the mix so you can automate conversations and interactions. Now your agents can focus on more important tasks.

Netcall liberty connect revolution

Chat 2.0: The asynchronous revolution

We’ve all put off calling a company because we don’t have a spare half-hour. Connect lets your customers drop in and out of the conversation at their leisure.

The best conversational experience

Chat to customers online at their convenience with Liberty Connect

From an agent point of view, Liberty Connect provides a seamless user interface – so it doesn’t matter if they are engaging with a customer through live chat, email or social media, the experience is the same.
From a customer point of view, they’ll receive the same level of service regardless of the channel they used to connect with us, and they can chat in real-time.
Our favourite feature is Snippets, which are ready-to-send responses to our most frequently asked questions. This makes our agents more efficient, whilst ensuring our responses are consistent and accurate.

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