App of the Year 2022

Our App of the Year Awards showcase the best apps created by our customers and Liberty Create.

Our App of the Year Awards celebrate our customers’ impressive efforts to digitally enhance the lives of customers, communities and organisations across the UK.

The awards once again demonstrate the power of Liberty Create as a platform. Solving real business problems, our winner and finalists have shown how imagination, coupled with an innovative tool, can deliver efficiency and results.

Winner: ATS Euromaster

For their eCAF app

Hear from Dave Robson, Head of IS IT at ATS Euromaster, as he walks us through the features of ATS Euromaster’s winning App of the Year 2022. The eCAF (electronic credit application form) app has improved user experience, saving time and money, to provide a streamlined, professional B2B service.

ATS Euromaster
Along with the real efficiency and cost benefits, we’re especially pleased by the professionalism that the Liberty Create eCAF App provides to customers. And we’re inspired by the other incredible ideas out there as we continue our journey with Liberty Create.

Finalist: Morning Data

For their EOS Workbench app

Paul Buckle from Morning Data presents EOS Workbench — transforming the B2B experience for insurance brokers.

Finalist: Tewkesbury Borough Council

For their Planning Application Tracker

Clare Evans, Joe Cole and Amy Adams from Tewkesbury Borough Council share their demo of their Planning Application Tracker, designed to improve citizen experience.


Using Liberty Create for transformation

Each of this year’s entries were evaluated against the three core criteria of customer experience, digital transformation and innovation. The awards celebrate the impressive efforts by our Create customers to digitally enhance the lives of customers, communities and organisations across the UK.

Customer experience

Great CX makes lives easier and builds goodwill. As a key differentiator that drives success, it means customers are treated right and treated well. Whether it’s for your customers, people or operations, a new app should be easy to use, fast and solve challenges.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is changing the lives of customers, organisations and communities everywhere – from redesigning processes or enhancing self-service. Whatever the challenge, digital change should deliver a positive, more efficient experience.


Innovation is coming up with new, creative ways to tackle challenges. You might need to be quick to respond to a changing situation, or looking for a new idea to solve a growing problem. Apps fuelled by innovative thinking produce results AND new opportunities.

Other top submissions

Top submission: Croydon Council

For their Waste Management app

Victoria Hunt from Croydon Council discusses the design and build of their new Waste Services App, providing a seamless waste management solution to citizens.

Top submission: DI Blue

For their Emi app

Hear from last year’s winner, DI Blue, as Sven Mannens walks us through their new environmental management app, based on ISO 14001.

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