Buyers guide to customer experience tech

Investing in a contact centre for the ‘next normal’

Investing wisely in the age of the next normal

Historically, organisations controlled the information, data and products. They decided almost every aspect of the customer’s interaction and access. Today is a very different world. Changes in society and technology have transferred power to customers. The race to differentiate has become a challenge.

Then in March 2020, everything stopped for a beat… and changed. Customer expectations shifted. Some trends accelerated, and others emerged. “In-person” interactions collapsed, digital became the normal overnight.

Organisations scrambled. Adjusting supply chains, remote working and engagement in times of crisis.
Many also sought to channel scarce resources and rearranging operational processes.

So how important is CX now?

The pandemic has catalysed a change in how customers engage with organisations. Everyone is digital now. To survive and flourish organisations need to deploy the right digital-first business infrastructure. They need to commit to customer experience (CX) that differentiates.

CX remains the only real differentiator. As customers continue to change, CX must also continue to evolve. Customers don’t care about process, tech or people. They want an experience which anticipates their needs, and provide the best answer every time. Organisations must redefine processes, roles and tech to matches their CX aspirations. A customer who has their needs met, is a happy customer.

Those that move early and decisively will do best.

Frontline: Customer experience tech – Contact centre

Your contact centre is often the first touch-point for customers. Your contact centre must optimise your agent’s performance for the new normal. But it must go further. It must offer the opportunity to empower agents. It has to be agile enough to cope with the continual changes that customers expect.

A successful CX strategy deploys a contact centre which simplifies your IT landscape. Reduced complexity helps lower costs. Your contact centre helps empower agents to uncover improved efficiencies and productivity.

Finally, it helps foster changes that innovate how you meet customer demands. Your contact centre can help you translate your CX strategy into practical outcomes.

Getting it right

To get it right, you need to make informed decisions.

That’s why we’ve created this customer experience tech – contact centre guide covering everything from identifying the key issues through to finding a partner. We’ll guide you through the whole contact centre buying process.

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