Fast tracking your digital journey, together

Friday 26th February: 9am – 1pm

Workshop with Netcall and Ian Brewer, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS)

With low-code you can fast track your IT projects. Building apps up to 10 times quicker than traditional development. This becomes really powerful when processes suddenly change or there are new requirements.

That is exactly what we did with University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust (UHS). COVID-19 threw up a lot of new requirements that hospitals had to deal with, and fast. Staff vaccinations and contacting patients on the waiting list are just two of these issues. Using low-code, UHS and Netcall built apps to handle these within a matter of days.

Thanks to the ease of use and agility of Netcall’s Liberty Create platform, we have been able to supercharge the speed of change, getting staff protected and back at work. Without the use of low-code and our partnership with Netcall, communicating with and reminding staff about vaccinations would have relied on error-prone, paper-based or manual processes. We had an urgent problem that we needed to solve, but didn’t want to divert our resources at the time, and so looked to a trusted partner…

– Ian Brewer, Head of Information Technology at UHS on the vaccination app

Come and see it for yourself

On Friday 26th February, we’ll be holding a workshop where we take one of your challenges, and build an app within a week to solve it.

In this workshop we want to bring together your ideas, identify those that are urgent to address, and use low-code and RPA to solve one. You choose the issue to address and one of our developers will build out a working app within a week.

See the power of intelligent automation for yourself, sign up to our event using the form on the right.

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