Liberty Create & Liberty RPA

Intelligent Automation for Logistics

Digital-first process automation to improve efficiency and reduce costs

Improve process efficiency and reduce costs

In a sector where efficiency is key, we understand that improving processes and reducing friction is key.

Automating processes helps to reduce friction by speeding up routine processes. ‘Right first time’ is quicker, your people are more efficient and your teams are better connected.

Think big, start small

Combining Liberty RPA, our robotic process automation tool, with our Liberty Create low-code platform means it’s easy for non-developers to build, test and launch applications without writing code, all under the governance and control of IT.

Together they provide an intelligent automation platform designed to create apps to automate processes that make the complex, simple. You can empower your own people to create, not just suggest. And you can get to outcomes quickly – measure in days and weeks, not months and years.

In this feature sheet, we explain how intelligent automation enables the logistics sector to automate processes quickly and easily.

Read the full Intelligent Automation feature sheet.

Intelligent Automation for Logistics

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Using software robots for mundane tasks results in quicker, error-free processing. This frees your people for more meaningful, fulfilling work. And you can solve all those transformation problems, fast. Welcome to the intelligent automation revolution.