UK Authority: Digital transformation with low-code

Recorded: Friday 15th July 2022

Can low-code deliver digital transformation for local government?

While budgets and staff have reduced significantly over the last decade for councils, citizen expectations have not. There is a constant need to fast track digital transformation now and for the future; while easily integrating with existing tech.

Local government needs solutions that are fit, agile and able to integrate legacy systems seamlessly into modern digital processes. This is exactly where low-code technology fits. It helps digital teams make updates quickly and easily. Agile development methods add capacity to teams. Meaning everyone has a better focus on the outcomes.

In this short video Darren Knight, Executive Director, People & Change at Cheltenham Borough Council explains the council’s move to low-code. He explores the benefits low-code can bring in delivering rapid change, while retaining control. And he outlines the key components involved in building the business case for low-code.

Watch the video below.

Low-code & contact centre solutions for local government

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