Feature Sheet – Patient Hub: I’ve Arrived

COVID-19 symptom checker & site arrival notification.

As hospitals prepare to open up in-person appointments, it’s crucial to maintain site safety. With physical distancing measures in place, there will be reduced seating, which means patients may have to go to wait elsewhere in the hospital.

Maintain hospital site safety for patients and staff.

What if you could check for symptoms prior to the patient leaving home, avoiding wasted journeys and allow patients to check in remotely to let reception know they have arrived before entering the

I’ve Arrived in Patient Hub does just that. It routinely checks every patient who is planning to attend an in-person appointment for COVID symptoms, ahead of their appointment. It uses a survey to check patient symptoms before they leave home.

Once a patient’s survey shows that they are without symptoms, I’ve Arrived continues to manage patient flow from their arrival on site. Patients ‘queue’ by waiting in their cars, or outside areas until they are messaged to enter the clinic.

I’ve Arrived is a module of Netcall’s Patient Hub – digital appointment information for video, telephone and also face-to-face appointments. We’ve added some steps in to adapt to COVID-19 measures.

You can read or download the full Patient Hub I’ve Arrived feature sheet here.

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Patient Hub I’ve Arrived COVID-19 symptom checker & site arrival notification
  • This solution sends an SMS to patients
  • They use the link to open a symptom checker
  • If they have no symptoms they can travel to the hospital
  • The patient tells the hospital when they have arrived, and wait in their car or in an outside space until they are called
  • The receptionist knows they are present and can invite them into the building when there is suitable space in the clinic waiting room.

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